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Monday, 25 July 2016
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OWRB Statewide Water Plan

A critical meeting was held last Friday, August 19th to discuss the new Oklahoma Statewide Water Plan. We must join together to keep our region growing strong! The future of agriculture and economic development in the panhandle and northwest Oklahoma could be at stake!  

Thank you all for attending our first meeting to start discussing our concerns and plans as a region regarding the OWRB statewide water plan. We had a great turnout and want to keep the ball moving forward as quickly as possible due to the timeframe for the plan to be given to the Governor.


It is important to note that we are not against the OWRB and their efforts to conserve such a precious asset. However, even though conjunctive use may be acceptable and even desired by other water planning regions of the state, it is not good or acceptable for the panhandle region.

To the surprise of many of us in attendance Friday, there are many farmers in this region already voluntarily utilizing metering of their crops. This is another key point that the OWRB needs to be made aware of.

As we move forward, the consensus seems to be in forming a regional unified front that would help facilitate the design and structuring of a regional water plan for this portion of the Ogallala that would then be presented to the OWRB as part of the new statewide water plan.

We are in the process of planning meetings in each of the three panhandle counties for next week. The Cimarron County Conservation District has already put together a luncheon next Wednesday, August 31st in Boise City from 12p-1:30p at the Cimarron County Fair Building. Shawn Lepard with Lepard Consulting, Representative Blackwell and myself will be presenting the same presentation we gave last Friday at OPSU, plus our plan for what we believe is the next step for our region.

OWRB FEEDBACK (and sample letter to send)

Citizens wishing to provide comment or feedback on the Water Plan Discussion Draft should email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , call the OWRB at 405-530-8800, or write or visit the agency at 3800 North Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK, 73118.

(Click here for a Sample Letter to OWRB that you may use or edit as you see fit and email, mail or fax to OWRB.) 

In order to provide the OWRB’s nine Board Members adequate time to review comments in advance of their September 13 meeting, written comments are encouraged and should be submitted no later than 12:00 PM on September 8th.

The public can provide verbal comments and suggestions at the September 13th meeting, as well. Although, time may be limited based upon the number of people interested in speaking.


  • To view information on the Oklahoma Water Resources Board website, please click here.
  • For a list (PDF) of List of Legislators and OWRB members contact information, please click here.
  • To view the OWRRI definition of conjunctive water use in Oklahoma, please click here.
  • For the OWRB Panhandle Watershed Draft (PDF), please click here
  • For the presentation (PDF) that was given at the meeting, please click here.
  • For the OWRB Conjunctive Water Management (PDF) Publication, please click here.


The following farmers in the region that are great advocates for our water issues have agreed to have their contact info listed for regional farmer input on water planning:


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