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Friday, 29 July 2016
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US Senator Inhofe Tours Guymon’s Alternative Energy Industry

US Senator Inhofe Tours Guymon’s Alternative Energy Industry

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Lawmakers cite housing shortage in rural Oklahoma

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Growing pains in rural Oklahoma: Interim study addresses lack of housing

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Panhandle Regional Water Plan Donations

PREDCI has been hosting meetings across the region to discuss the potential effects of the new Statewide Water Plan on the region. PREDCI Director Vicki Ayres-McCune along with several members of the Oklahoma Panhandle Agriculture and Irrigators Association and Vice Mayor of Guymon, Kim Peterson have testified at the OWRB and Senate hearings regarding the plan; requesting that the three panhandle counties that are solely reliant on the Ogallala Aquifer be allowed to form their own regional water plan. Several other regions of the state have also started the process of formulating their own regional plans to submit to the legislators this session.


The total cost to have our Panhandle Regional Water Plan developed, engineered and lobbied is $108,000. The Panhandle Agriculture and Irrigators Association have agreed to pay 75% of that total cost.  PREDCI has agreed to rally members, municipalities and businesses across the region to help PREDCI pay the remaining 25% of the plan. We will be forming a planning committee that will consist of 5 people from each of the three counties representing farming/ranching, municipalities and business/industry. This committee will reach out to the public to gather information and concerns about how our regional plan should be designed and bring that information to the committee meetings with consultant Duane Smith who will have the plan designed and engineered, while our lobbyist, Shawn Lepard will work the legislative end with several bills being submitted this session regarding the allowance for regional water planning.


We have set up a separate bank account at the City National Bank in Guymon in the name of the Panhandle Regional Water Plan for the sole purpose of funding the remaining 25% of the total cost of the project.  Anyone wishing to donate to the plan can do so by sending it directly to the City National Bank in Guymon or to PREDCI at 802 NE 6th Street in Guymon.  For more information or to be a part of the planning committee, please visit the website or contact Director Vicki Ayres-McCune at 580-338-8500.

Guymon, Ok - Beaver City Manager J.C. Moser, pictured at far right,  presented PREDCI President Mike Bostic and PREDCI Director Vicki Ayres-McCune with a check in support of the Three-County (Beaver, Cimarron and Texas)  Water Plan at the PREDCI monthly meeting Thursday, January 26. 
PREDCI is the facilitator of the funds collected to design a three-county water plan.