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US Senator Inhofe Tours Guymon’s Alternative Energy Industry

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Goodwell, OK

Texas County, Oklahoma

Population: 1,192


Goodwell is a small town just 10 miles up the road from Guymon, Ok. Oklahoma Panhandle State University and it's students occupy the larger part of the town. Legend has it that when the citizens of the Panhandle Region decided to build a college, most figured that Guymon would be the best place to locate, but the people of Guymon would not hear of it. They were afraid that sin and poverty would be brought along with the college. So a compromise was made. The college would be located 10 miles outside of Guymon, so that the business owners could reap the benefits of a ripened economy, without having to live with the college students. Although the college did help Guymon's economy, it also helped it's own. Along with the building of the OPSU came the building of the entire town of Goodwell. The growth of Goodwell is directly related to the growth of the college, which is one of the best four-year institutions around.



  • Panhandle Centenary United Methodist Church
  • Goodwell Baptist Church
  • Church of Christ Bible Chair
  • James Church of God
  • Goodwell Baptist Church
  • Baptist Student Union


  • Memorial Hospital of Texas County (about 15 miles; Guymon, Ok)
  • Morton County Hospital (about 30 miles; Elkhart, KS)
  • Hansford Hospital (about 42 miles; Spearman, TX)


First National Bank of Goodwell


Airports certified for carrier operations nearest Goodwell:

  • Liberal MUNI (about 56 miles; Liberal Kansas)
  • Amarillo INTL (about 95 miles, Amarillo, Texas)
  • Garden City Regional (about 111 miles, Garden City, Kansas)

Other public use airports nearest Goodwell:

  • Guymon MUNI (about 11 miles; Guymon, Oklahoma)
  • Municipal (about 14 miles; Texhoma, Oklahoma)
  • Gruver MUNI (about 29 miles; Gruver Texas)


  • Total Housing Units: 478
  • Occupied Housing: 407
  • Vacant Housing: 71
  • For Seasonal, Recreational or Occasional use: 1


Internet services are available through the phone company.
The phone service provider is PTCI.