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Morton County, KS

Morton County, located in the Southwest Corner of Kansas, is home to Elkhart, Rolla, and Richfield. Elkhart, the county seat, is situated on the Oklahoma State Line and approximately 8 miles East of Colorado.

Latest Census Population Numbers for Rural Morton County, Elkhart, Rolla, and Richfield

Morton County

Morton County ... a land of contrast and historical diversification. Coronado traveled across this land on his return to Mexico. Kiowa, Cherokee and Apache Indians hunted buffalo until Army generals ordered the massacre of 400,000 in one day, believing "the only way to get rid of the Indians was to kill the buffalo."

Thirty-three miles of the Historic Sante Fe Trail cross 108,000 acres of the Cimarron National Grasslands. Today one can still see ruts and the site where freight wagons camped at Middle Spring and used Point of Rocks as a lookout point from 1821-1880.

A former trading post, Richfield became the county seat. It was shot up on many a Saturday night by cowboys who traveled the National Cattle Trail from Texas to Nebraska because of the cattle quarantine.

The Sante Fe Trail Railroad headed southwest from Dodge City, and the towns of Rolla, Wilburton and Elkhart sprung up along the southern border because of the tracks.

Morton County was established in 1886 and after several battles for the county seat, it was moved from Richfield to Elkhart in 1961.

Morton County Boasts two fine school systems in USD 218 in Elkhart and USD 217 in Rolla. Both districts have pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Special programs are offered for migrant, gifted and special education students. Both districts offer the latest in modern technology. The Point Rock Academy, Morton County's newest addition, is a non-traditional high school that offers extended school hours and flexible scheduling for adults who would like to earn a high school diploma. They have a highly qualified and caring staff that works with students in small group settings and provides individualized instruction to all students. Point Rock Academy's environment is also well-suited for high school aged students who are behind in earning credits for graduation or need an alternative to the traditional high school settings.

Post secondary education is available within driving distance. Liberal Area Vocational Technical School, Seward County Community College and Oklahoma Panhandle State University are all within a 60 mile radius. Classes for college credit are offered at both Elkhart and Rolla Schools.

The Morton County Health System services a multi-state area with an outstanding staff which includes highly skilled doctors specializing in surgery, internal medicine, radiology, psychiatry, and general medicine. Other skilled personnel can be found in respiratory, physical therapy, the geropsychiatric unit, an X-Ray department, lab and nursing staff.

The long term care center, located across the street from the hospital, provides care to meet the individual needs of its residents. A compassionate, well trained nursing staff is on duty 24 hours a day. The clean, modern facility also has a schedule of monthly activities and the support of the community. Elkhart has modern equipped Morton County Health Department with highly skilled personnel. Rolla has a newly constructed medical satellite office with doctors care for patients daily.

The EMT services from Rolla, Richfield, and Elkhart have skilled people and modern equipment to respond to emergencies, including 2 Advanced Life Support units. Morton County is fortunate to be one of the few smaller counties in southwest Kansas to have paramedics on their staff.

Elkhart also has a dental clinic, and offers lifeline service, home health care, Assisted Living Facilities and a Dementia Unit. Elkhart also has an Optometrist and a Chiropractor with part time offices.

For more information, visit the Morton County website, here.